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April 29th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: April 29, 2013 @ 12:25 am

Jacara Zar prints.
Jacara Zar comics and prints, Summer Komikon 2013.

The first Jacara Zar comics was released three years ago (2011) as an ashcan version. It was featured in my “fun comics” called YSB! or Yew Stupid Basturd! #3. Later, after a year, I decided to release the actual comics in print form, in actual comic book size…just like Marvel or DC. My “fun comics” are now a serious matter for me and the readers. Now I am totally committed to finish the entire mini-series.

I cannot say how many issues I’m going to make. This can be four, five or six issues just to tell the entire story of Jacara Zar, the kingdoms, the Zarreebbans, the Mircans, and the entire world of Jacara Zar. Telling the story of Jacara alone will take some time to tell. His story isn’t just him, it’s the entire world of the comics.

I really can not say anything about the on going story. Sorry if it will take sometime to finish issue #3. :)

I just want to talk about the prints and production of this comics. I just don’t draw my comics, spend some money just to print what I want. Printing comics for myself and for those who love it is a serious fun for me. I’d like to put unlimited craft to the artworks and the print.

To show that I am serious about releasing the comics, of course I have to spend some cash for good print. Issue #1 shows that we are serious about it. Of course I needed some help from friends on the literature side. To make it more serious, I have to show in this issue that there’s a next issue, which was “in the can” when #1 was already printed. Now, that’s just enough to tell the readers that the 2nd issue is ready for print!

Issue number 2, I became nervous about it. So I needed another friend who was willing to help me with my writing. Robin C. Rivero came along and was so happy to join in. I am actually very happy that she joined me. Now I cannot say it is MY comics anymore, it’s hers too!

I need something to give away as a treat to the readers every time I release an issue of Jacara Zar. The first was giving away preview teaser of #2. Issue #2 was printed in gate-fold cover with thicker paper and matte coated, glossy interior, and 31-page story. Every thing here is in the price of PhP100.00 only. Yes, a hundred bucks. The first decision was PhP120 or PhP150 but putting off the 20 or 50 bucks for a long wait is just another treat. :)

Issue #3 will also have its own treat for you guys. I already told some of my friends about my plans in this issue, so it’s also time to share what I told them. The next book will have couple of pages with crazy two triple page spread, and double duplex page spread. This will be a challenge for the printer. If they did it on the 2nd issue as a cover, why not pages?

I’m sure some of you will ask why do it? Why not? This is my dream comics. I enjoy opening a comic book with tons of surprises inside, not just artworks and story but how you gonna open the entire book. If I can afford to print the entire mini-series in color then I will. :)

I’m in the half of the book writing the continuation the story on issue four. I haven’t thought of anything for a treat. But I’m sure there will be something.

Big shout out to my editor for the first issue–Nikko Sansolis who was a big help on that book. There won’t be issue two if it weren’t for him. :) Nikko and I talked about making a one-shot comics in the future. I do hope it will push through.

Thanks to those who purchased their copies of issues #1 and #2 of Jacara Zar. Also those who purchased the digital prints! I wish I can make a smaller and affordable versions of the prints in the future.



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