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Category: Comics,What The--?
June 10th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: June 10, 2013 @ 8:03 am

Yes, I’ll be talking about future of Jacara Zar. And yes, it is good news. And no, I won’t be releasing another issue this year. Hehe!

Jackboxer from Swamp Thing #46.

As some of you guys know, Jacara Zar is an old creation way back when I was in high school. Stolen from the little panel of Swamp Thing written by Alan Moore, drawn by Stephen Bisset and John Totleben, this character and artwork inspired me to create my own story. Trying to redevelop my little twist, I came up with “Mandirigma Ng Latian” (Swamp Warrior). I gave him a name that resembles Jackboxer, I came up with Jacara Zar.

Jacara Zar has been in the attic for years. I’ve been trying to develop this character for years. Putting him in the future world, or present time, but I wasn’t satisfied. Looking back to the old idea and story, I thought of giving Jacara Zar his own world, rather than to the world we know.

Most of the people who read the first two issues of my komiks always asking me how many issues I’ll be publishing. I keep telling them probably four to six issues. If I want less, then I have to release one double-size issue. But that will be a pain for my pocket. So, right now, I’m telling everybody that I am not very sure if this will be six issues.

I haven’t finished writing the fourth issue, I’m still re-writing half of the script after halting for a while. I’ll try to compress the story as much as I can, keeping the important ones to stitch the first two issues. I already have the plot for the last three of the series, so I guess I have no problem with that. It’s the details that will be my biggest problem, avoiding loopholes and questions unanswered.

But dreaming of finishing this series, the story of Jacara Zar will not stop. Jacara Zar has his world with humans and other race of beings. Jacara’s world hasn’t shown the entire races and cultures yet. There are Zarreebbans, Mircans, and Zeestalians that are about to appear on the third issue. There will be revelations about the rulers of the Zarreebban kingdoms. :) The world hasn’t shown everything. Questions still needed to be answered.

After issue six, I might continue Jacara Zar’s story just within the swampland. I really wish I could bring back Zeerfann. I really like that character. Who knows…he might come back. ;)

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Category: Da Loyf,Photos,What The--?
June 4th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: June 4, 2013 @ 9:49 am

Home-made lightbox.
Home-made lightbox.

I just made this using an A3 picture frame. Although this one has a very thin flexible glass. So if you’re planning to make your own, better check if the glass of the picture frame is real glass or thicker.

Here are the things I used:
1) A3 picture frame from NBS; with thin, narrow, frame, flexi-glass, plywood back cover.
2) Two mini, fluorescent, 8W lightbulbs.
3) Any switch like this.
4) Wire from old, broken electric fan.
5) Tracing paper and some bunch of Scotch tape. ^__^
6) Screws, bolts and little wood for boxing the plywood.

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Category: Comics,Photos,What The--?
April 29th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: April 29, 2013 @ 12:25 am

Jacara Zar prints.
Jacara Zar comics and prints, Summer Komikon 2013.

The first Jacara Zar comics was released three years ago (2011) as an ashcan version. It was featured in my “fun comics” called YSB! or Yew Stupid Basturd! #3. Later, after a year, I decided to release the actual comics in print form, in actual comic book size…just like Marvel or DC. My “fun comics” are now a serious matter for me and the readers. Now I am totally committed to finish the entire mini-series.

I cannot say how many issues I’m going to make. This can be four, five or six issues just to tell the entire story of Jacara Zar, the kingdoms, the Zarreebbans, the Mircans, and the entire world of Jacara Zar. Telling the story of Jacara alone will take some time to tell. His story isn’t just him, it’s the entire world of the comics.

I really can not say anything about the on going story. Sorry if it will take sometime to finish issue #3. :)

I just want to talk about the prints and production of this comics. I just don’t draw my comics, spend some money just to print what I want. Printing comics for myself and for those who love it is a serious fun for me. I’d like to put unlimited craft to the artworks and the print.

To show that I am serious about releasing the comics, of course I have to spend some cash for good print. Issue #1 shows that we are serious about it. Of course I needed some help from friends on the literature side. To make it more serious, I have to show in this issue that there’s a next issue, which was “in the can” when #1 was already printed. Now, that’s just enough to tell the readers that the 2nd issue is ready for print!

Issue number 2, I became nervous about it. So I needed another friend who was willing to help me with my writing. Robin C. Rivero came along and was so happy to join in. I am actually very happy that she joined me. Now I cannot say it is MY comics anymore, it’s hers too!

I need something to give away as a treat to the readers every time I release an issue of Jacara Zar. The first was giving away preview teaser of #2. Issue #2 was printed in gate-fold cover with thicker paper and matte coated, glossy interior, and 31-page story. Every thing here is in the price of PhP100.00 only. Yes, a hundred bucks. The first decision was PhP120 or PhP150 but putting off the 20 or 50 bucks for a long wait is just another treat. :)

Issue #3 will also have its own treat for you guys. I already told some of my friends about my plans in this issue, so it’s also time to share what I told them. The next book will have couple of pages with crazy two triple page spread, and double duplex page spread. This will be a challenge for the printer. If they did it on the 2nd issue as a cover, why not pages?

I’m sure some of you will ask why do it? Why not? This is my dream comics. I enjoy opening a comic book with tons of surprises inside, not just artworks and story but how you gonna open the entire book. If I can afford to print the entire mini-series in color then I will. :)

I’m in the half of the book writing the continuation the story on issue four. I haven’t thought of anything for a treat. But I’m sure there will be something.

Big shout out to my editor for the first issue–Nikko Sansolis who was a big help on that book. There won’t be issue two if it weren’t for him. :) Nikko and I talked about making a one-shot comics in the future. I do hope it will push through.

Thanks to those who purchased their copies of issues #1 and #2 of Jacara Zar. Also those who purchased the digital prints! I wish I can make a smaller and affordable versions of the prints in the future.



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Category: Art Works,Comics,Events,Photos
April 7th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: April 7, 2013 @ 12:02 pm

Jacara Zar #2 banner.

Finally! It’s coming out! Check out the banner. :)

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Category: Da Loyf,What The--?
February 4th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: February 4, 2013 @ 7:06 am

Yesterday we were at doctor’s clinic, it was Sunday so most of the people there are families with their kids, mostly toddlers and babies. One thing I hate most of these parents are they don’t care what’s happening with their kids, coz almost all of them have their tablets in their hands, some are smart phones; fiddling either on games or Facebook.

One family was with their two boys. The father have busy fingers on iPad, the little boy was the one who’s going to see the doctor, and the eldest (who I think is around 16yrs old already) that I was surprised that he still act like a five year old baby. He’s got huge voice already, kept asking his father that he needs to buy something. It was annoying coz you can hear his voice on the other side of the hallway. The father was ignoring him playing with his stupid iPad. I didn’t notice the kids’ grand mother was there too. My wife said the granny seems to be like a bonkers too; they all seems like bonkers, except for the mother of the kids, filling out the forms, talking to the nurse, etc.

There’s another family, maybe they’re new to have a new born. I heard them from the end of the hallway with their baby crying. The baby was like few days old, coz it was so tiny. My wife said, seems like the mother also works in the clinic as a nurse. Anyway, they were near our seats when the baby started to cry again, this time it sounded bad. The parents of this baby seems like they didn’t know what to do. They even carry the baby diagonally up their shoulders instead of lying down their arms. In my head I was like “nooo, you don’t carry new born like that!” The baby cries when handed out to the father, he also carries the baby the wrong way. The baby cried so loud that kept everyone’s attention, especially old women with their grand children.

What I didn’t like about the father of the baby is, he wanted the baby to stop crying. The stupidest thing he did is the swing the baby like she was in roller coaster. He thought the baby will like it but she kept crying very loudly. The wife came back so they tried feeding it but the baby still cries. Seems like the baby needed to be in comfortable position. In the end, finally, the doctor called them. The hallway finally silenced.

My wife and I are also new parents. We’re both new to having a baby. We only asked help on the first couple of weeks for Anne’s healing of stitches. Later, we both took care of everything, we never asked help anymore with our parents to help us out taking Aria to the clinic. Anne has never tried carrying a baby before. Didn’t know what to do to change diapers, how and when to feed, etc. Anne made it through by asking and researching on the net. Myself know few things so I helped her in some cases. So far we never encounter serious things about Aria’s health. Aria is a happy child now. Very smart. Likes learning, especially walking around.

Having a child or maybe children is very serious job. I wanted to prove to myself and Anne that we don’t need help from our parents to take care of our baby. Starting family of Filipinos became a tradition to ask help from grand parents to their children. This is okay for just few days/weeks but for life, it is not good for being hands-on parents.

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Category: Art Works,Comics,Tutorials
January 20th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: January 20, 2013 @ 8:52 am

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Category: Art Works,Movies & Videos,Tutorials
January 20th, 2013 by edtadeo
Date posted: @ 8:42 am

You can watch it on YouTube or subscribe to my channel!

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Category: Comics,Movies & Videos
December 5th, 2012 by edtadeo
Date posted: December 5, 2012 @ 4:07 pm

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Category: Comics,Events,Movies & Videos
October 14th, 2012 by edtadeo
Date posted: October 14, 2012 @ 6:02 pm

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Category: Art Works,Comics,Events,What The--?
October 12th, 2012 by edtadeo
Date posted: October 12, 2012 @ 11:48 pm

Jacara Zar digital prints available only at Komikon 2012!*

These digital prints will be sold exclusively at Komikon 2012, which will happen on October 27th at the Bayanihan Center, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City! These will be numbered and will be very limited. But if demands then I’ll try to make some more. :)

Those who will buy Jacara Zar #1 plus any of the prints will get a free full commission sketch. So bring your backing boards or sketch pads for me to scribble. Just don’t let me sketch at the back of the digital print, okay? XD

Each digital print will cost PhP100.00 each, no reservation. Sorry. :(

See you all on the 27th!

*Thanks to XPrint located at the following locations:
- 2nd Level Market! Market!
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
- 3rd Level Virramall
Greenhills San Juan, Metro Manila
- 2nd Level Trinoma, North Ave.
Cor. Edsa Ave.

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